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Ministry Week Coordinator

Philip Bryant,


$50.00 per person
Early-bird registration (on or before March. 1): $25.00 per person
After April 15: $75.00 per person

Why Come to Canada?


We have the Great Commission and you will be participating in it! Starting churches is one of the most effective ways to reach people. You also get to participate in great worship, great teaching and a great experience. There is nothing better than working together to see people come to know the risen Christ!



This trip is distinctly Canadian. You will find out more about Canada and its unique people and culture. You will be amazed by the multi-cultural environment that we live in. Your heart will burn with the great need for Christ here in Canada.





It may be that God wants to take you to a new place in your journey with Him. There is nothing like having your faith stretched and tested as you choose to serve Him in a different context. You can expect to be on an adventure as God uses you to help us start new churches here. We know that this will only encourage you in your adventure in your own home, church and neighbourhood!



   We need You!                  

   Come Help Plant in Canada

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OUR VISION: to see a reproducing mother church planted in every major urban center in Canada by 2020. 
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